“Charlottecafé” restaurant is a unique mixture of formats, when a classic restaurant of Italian cuisine is perfectly combined with its own confectionary – pâtisserie.


The idea of the Italian cuisine restaurant’s establishing belongs to a Sicilian Guisepe Priolo, whose culinary masterpieces are considered to be the best sample of Italian traditions and style. A culinary star Anton Churin who is famous for his work at “Tiffany’s” and “Francesco” restaurants, will cook under the guidance of the grand Chef.


The Italian restaurant can’t go without real pasta: “Charlottecafé” offers it in wide assortment: Spaghetti Bolognese, penne Arabyata with bacon and tagliolini with zucchini and shrimps, green tagliolini with asparagus, black fettuccini with cuttlefish and cherry tomatoes.

Special attention should be paid to dessert menu – it was developed by a professional confectioner Matteo Lai, specifically for “Charlottecafé”. Delicious pastry of original recipe, tender biscuits, rolls with different stuffing and, of course, an eatery’s special – a traditional cake “Charlotte” in author’s interpretation, – everything will be the best addition to the coffee list.

The interior at “Charlote café” is a unique mixture of several styles. Walls in natural coloring, mirrors framed in gold, crystal lamps, wooden bar counter, chairs with wicker backs, wrought racks look unusual and classy. The cozy atmosphere of original city café is accomplished by an open terrace with the view to the Kazan Cathedral.

There is also a grocery store working on the restaurant’s territory. The guests can purchase Italian delicacies: cheese, sausages, bread, spices, oils, salad dressings, jam, macaroni, wine, and coffee. Everything that is presented on the restaurant’s menu can be taken out.

“Charlotte café” work hours: from 12-00 till 00-00.


Please, try dishes of Italian cuisine in Guisepe Priolo performance and deep yourself in atmosphere of Italian coziness at “Charlotte café” – right today.

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