A Romantic Evening at Charlottecafe on the 14th of February

St. Valentine’s Day! The lovers’ day! The wait is long, and then the holiday moments just flash by! This time Charlottecafe will help you capture the most beautiful of them!
All couples who come to the restaurant on February 14 in addition to tasting a special delicious menu offered by the Chef are welcome to enrich their photo albums.
A professional photographer will take your picture in front of a huge balloon heart. We will, of course, mail this special photo to you later.
All day long the restaurant plasma screens will feature images of people in love and will play the most romantic music.
Do you want to try on the bride's role? All necessary attributes - the veil and the bridal bouquet – can be found under our wedding arch. “Mr. Right” must see how fabulous you look together!

Cordially Yours,

14 february, Monday